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Works list and scores

Here is a list of my works by instrumentation.  Programme notes and more precise ensemble layouts can be seen by clicking on the corresponding piece title or ensemble specifications, respectively.

Orchestral Works

Orchestrations (n.b. clicking on titles will show instrumentation, not programme notes)

Soloist and Ensemble

Opera, Choral, and Other Vocal Ensemble

Chamber Orchestra & Large Chamber Ensemble (10+ performers)

Chamber Music (3+ performers)

*Magnetic Resonator Piano


Solo Brass

*Note: Aiguille is also available on Diversify the Stand's website as a work for trombone + piano, euphonium + piano, and horn + piano.

Solo Woodwind

Solo Strings

Solo Percussion

Solo Piano

*A collection of Saturday Afternoons is a set of 20 miniatures, each of which is between 30-90 seconds in length.

Solo Voice

Fixed Media

Hear my works on Soundcloud:

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