Works by instrumentation

Here is a list of my works by instrumentation.  Pieces with underlined titles have perusal scores available, which are available by clicking on the titles of these works.  


Cold Evenings for small orchestra (2018)

Kaamos for orchestra (2020)

Light and Shadow for orchestra (2013 - 2014)

Noctilucent Clouds for orchestra (2019)

Noctilucous for orchestra (2018)

Taivaanranta for orchestra (2017)

Waltz of the Crocus Chrysanthus for string orchestra (2019)

Orchestration of Forlane from Ravel's Tombeau de Couperin (2015)

Orchestration of Gretchen am Spinnrade by Franz Schubert (2019)

Orchestration of Il Saltarello Romano by Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel (2019)

Soloist and Ensemble

Songs of Memory and Whimsy for mezzo-soprano and large chamber ensemble (2019)

Violin Concerto for violin and orchestra (2016 – 2017)

Opera, Choral, and other vocal ensemble

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? for SATB chorus (2016)

The Fermi Paradox – a chamber opera for four principal voices, small chorus, and fourteen instruments (2018)

Chamber Orchestra and Large Chamber Ensemble (10 + players)

Blue Ice for large chamber ensemble (2015)

Chroma - Fantasy for large chamber ensemble (2015)

Kuje for wind ensemble (2017)

Looking Back for chamber ensemble (2015)

Mirror Rim for chamber orchestra (2017)

Our Hospitality: Waterfall Scene  for chamber ensemble and film

Roots Encircling for string nonet (2019)

Scree for saxophone ensemble (SSAAAATTBB + Bass) (2019)

Views from the Upper Deck for large chamber ensemble, electronics,

and video (2019)

Chamber Music (up to 10 players)

A Walk in the Woods for flute, clarinet, violin and cello (2013)

A Winter's Garden Scene for flute, saxophone, clarinet, and double bass (2017)

An Eclectic Scene with Flying Fish for violin, viola and bass clarinet (2013)

Chiaroscuro for flute, clarinet, string quartet, and

magnetic resonator piano (2022)

Contradanse for flute, clarinet, two bassoons, two trumpets, tenor trombone, and bass trombone (2017)

Dialetheia for string quartet (2020)

Divergence for string quartet (2015 – 2016)

Eddies for flute quartet (2015)

Emboire for fortepiano, tenor recorder, baroque bassoon, and viola da gamba (2020)

Explorations for three percussionists (2014)

Five Haikus for soprano, clarinet, harp, and double bass (2020)

Kimberlite for accordion and two cellos (2018)

Longshore Drift for flute, oboe clarinet, bassoon, and saxophone

Transformations for string quartet (2013)

Mirage for flute, saxophone, and piano (2018)

Night Train to I don't know for clarinet in B flat, tenor saxophone, trombone, violin, viola and violoncello (2017)

Over the Fells for string quartet (2014)

repose II for baroque flute, viola da gamba, and harpsichord (2018)

Short Fanfare for brass quintet (2016)

The Puppy for soprano, oboe, cor anglais, toy piano, and electronics (2020)

Two Miniatures for Piano Trio (2015)

Variations on an Idyllic Theme for voice flute, lute, and harpsichord (2017)

Winter Song for soprano, violin, and piano (2019)


Andersen Miniatures for double bass and marimba (2017)

Barrida for accordion and percussion (2018)

Chrysalis for harp, clarinet in B flat, and electronics (2017)

Contemplations for violin and piano (2015)

Ensueño for violin and piano (2017)

Figment I  for violin and viola (2019)

Figment II  for violin and violoncello (2019)

Figment III  for flute and clarinet in B flat (2019)

Jääkukat – Ice Flowers for kantele duo (2021)

Kimberlite arr. two cellos (2018)

Mainspring for alto saxophone and piano (2020)


Solo Brass

Afterthought for solo trombone (2018)

Aiguille for solo trumpet and piano (2021)

Fluid Shards for solo tuba (2017)

Triton for solo trumpet (2019) PDF available here

Solo Winds

Canyons for B flat clarinet (2015)

Chimera for flute (2014)

Heidi for clarinet in B flat and electronics (2016)

The Loon's Wail for solo bass flute (2021)

Solo Strings

Flurries for solo violin (2021)

Musings for solo violin (2014)

Psythurism for baroque triple harp (2018)

Sarabande for solo cello piccolo

Soliloquy for cello (2015)

Virga for solo harp (2020)

Solo Percussion

Flowstone for solo percussion (2020)

Solo Piano

A collection of Saturday Afternoons for piano -  a set of 20 miniatures written 2013-2015

Beyond the Door for piano (2012)

Farewell for piano (2012)

From the Windowsill (2021)

Formal studies for piano (3 short pieces) (2012)

Glass Contraption for solo piano (2016)

Invocation for solo piano (2018)

Prelude for piano (2011)

Solo Voice

Deep in the Night for countertenor and piano

Dream Songs for soprano and piano - a set of 5 songs (2013)
Kuusi Taikomislaulua (Six Enchantment Songs) for voice and piano (2018)

Works with Electronics

Chrysalis for harp, clarinet in B flat, and electronics (2017)

Heidi for clarinet in B flat and electronics (2016)

La rivière et la forêt for fixed media (2018)

Views from the Upper Deck for large chamber ensemble, electronics,

and video (2019)

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